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 You are thinking about Digital Marketing

 But you may be missing out on 25% of the market. 


The Asian market is growing,

yet there are too few businesses that are aware of the missing efforts when it comes to marketing.


One in four

Residents in Auckland are of Asian descent*


New Zealand's 2nd Largest Visitor Market**

Cultural and Language Barriers

are Still Present***

Our Cross-Cultural Marketing Services,

Help your business close the gaps.



As culture can have major impact on consumers’ buying behaviors, we can only successfully promote products and build up the brand after we bridged our cultural differences.


With our team's diverse backgrounds, we apply our advantages of cross-cultural understanding to help your business closing the gaps. Our professional digital and PR experiences are across Taiwan, China, New Zealand and Australia. By ultilising our knowledge, we are able to adapt insighful strategy and create cultural meaningful messages to suit the audience, communities and markets.


No matter if you are a western brand that is seeking to unlock your missing potential in the asian market, or an asian brand that desires to expand into the New Zealand and Australia market,  we will be able to work with you to maximize your marketing results.

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*Source: Static NZ 

**Source: Tourism New Zealand

***The Changing Face of Auckland - " In many cases, we are also talking about residents who are still new to the country, whose culture and languages are different to what is currently dominant locally, and who often operate in quite specific immigrant worlds."

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